An apeal to raise a relief fund for victims

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   Greetings to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus.  I write to appeal to you for your cooperation in prayer and collection of relief funds for victims of Japanfs recent earthquake. Our Kinki Church  has begun the collection of funds for relief and support of these victims.  In such a large scale catastrophe, long term measures are necessary rather than merely short term measures.

 Pursuant to this, as an expression of Lutheran concern and relief work in this country, the Japan Evangelical  Lutheran Church this week established an Earthquake Tsunami Relief Headquarters, and is  planning on-site relief work with field headquarters in Sendai Tsurugatani Church, serving the churches in the damaged areas of Northeastern and Eastern Japan.   The Relief Headquarters intends to share funds with Roman Catholic churches and Anglican congregations in this area which have received heavy damage.  Kinki Church as a member of the LWF (Lutheran World Federation) intends to cooperate proactively with  LWF relief efforts, which intention on the part of the LWF has already been communicated to both the JELC and to us.   We also intend cooperative work with the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Japan Lutheran Church, and some sort of joint relief committee is being considered at this point.

   Furthermore, our Kinki Church, seeking the most speedy and appropriate response to the needs of the afflicted areas, has already wired some relief funds to the Japan Red Cross, the YMCA (centered on the local relief activities of the Sendai YMCA), and Japan Food for the Hungry.

   In my earlier request to Kinkifs local congregations to begin immediate fund raising, I indicated that these should be collected by the end of April; however in light of the various circumstances and transportation conditions now pertaining, I request that these fund raising activities be continued long term.  I ask for your most cordial cooperation and fervent prayer in these matters. It is also necessary that we unite our hearts in prayer concerning the ever worsening problems at the distressed nuclear power plant.  We are greatly comforted by the warm prayers on our behalf by mission friends in Norway and other Christians overseas.

   When we remember in prayer those in afflicted areas who are in suffering and pain, we too have pain in our hearts. There is no historical precedent for the experience of suffering many are undergoing, but especially because that is so, let us continue united in prayer and in acts of mercy.

   Let me express my most profound gratitude to all for your hearty cooperation and prayer.


Very Sincerely Yours,

Shigeo Sueoka

Church President KELC